Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kind and Generous

You've been so kind and generous

I don't know how you keep on giving

For your kindness I'm in debt to you

For your selflessness, my admiration

And for everything you've done....

...I want to thank you

~Natalie Merchant - Kind and Generous
So it has been a couple weeks since we held a makeshift fundraiser for the victims of Japan. It was so nice to see people come out to show their love for people that are half way around the world. I felt a swelling of the heart that I must imagine most parents feel when they they hear their child say I love you for the first time. I felt so touched and I thank everyone who came out that night and the people that came after to donate. A portion of what we made that day and whatever extra money people donated will be going to Red Cross. Unfortunately, the company that we were planning on using to match our funds has hit their max, but another company, a knitting company, in West Seattle said they will be matching our funds. Infact, the owner said she will be coming out real soon to meet us. She sounds like a lovely person. If I can just recall her company's name. I heard she has all the knitting needs that any one can ask for. She even has materials that are hard to come by on the internet. I most likely will be stalking her store when I get a little bit more free time. I've been trying to finish knitting my friend's scarf for the longest time. I'm just grateful that my friend isn't a grudge holder. I was suppose to have it ready for her last Christmas. If you can imagine, I have my head hanging in shame at the moment. Oooh...on top of our own fundraising effort, we are also working along side the Million Cranes Project. You can check them out at: It is a group put together by a few darling people in the Seattle area who are using Senbazuru in a creative way to raise money for the earthquake victims. So far they have achieve over 1,000 origami birds and about 175 of them were lovingly folded by our Cheeky customers. The Million Cranes Project has gotten a company to pay $1.75-$2 for each crane that is folded and the money collected will be donated to the relief efforts in Japan. If you are ever in the neighborhood drop by and fold a few cranes. You can bring your own paper or we have quite a few here from which you can select. The birds go for a good cause and once a million is reached, they will be strung together and sent to Japan for luck and benevolence and to show that our thoughts are with them. Well, anyways, that's what is new at Cheeky. I hope everyone is doing fantastic and that spring brings luck and much love. Hope to see more cranes come this way. Take care! Oh, before I go, you guys should come and try our Chicken Tender Tuesdays. yummy! It is served with mash potatoes and corn. I was told a put together some bomb ass corn by my cousin. So if not for the chicken than try my corn :p. Okie-dok. Bye!


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