Sunday, January 9, 2011

Do you know who you are?

Happy New Year! How did you all spend your new year eve? Meet some special people? Get some numbers? Well, whatever you all did I hope you all had fun. Here at the restaurant we've been brainstorming what to do for our specials. We've come up with fried chicken Tuesdays, oxtail Wednesdays, short ribs Thursdays, and Adobo Fridays; it's still in the works, but we'll let you all know once we get it down. Still need to do some recipe tests and such. On a side note, we've also been checking if any of our staff members are psychopaths. There are these set of questions you ask people and if they get the answers right then you probably most likely want to stay clear of them. Don't worry we're all pretty normal here. Only one of us got 2 out of 3 correct. We're giving that person the benefit of the doubt that he isn't plotting something sinister against us at the moment. It he/she is then atleast I know it will be methodical. So here are the questions. It has nothing to do with the restaurant, but it is interesting to see how people respond. Okay, here we go. Question #1: You are inside an apartment building and your looking outside your window. You spot a man stabbing someone to death. You're about to turn away and call the police, but before you can the murderer turns around and you two make eye contact. The man looks up at you menacingly and then he wages his finger back and forth in your direction. Why is he doing that?.................................I'll give you some time to think. Are you ready? Have you put in all your guesses. You can go as crazy and outside of the box as you want, but the answer will be that he is counting the floors. Creepy huh? Question #2: A lady is at her uncle's funeral. From across the room she spots a man and she says to herself, "That's him. That's the man I'm going to marry. He is the one!" I know that most of you are thinking that I don't have to go any further. This chick is crazy, but how crazy? Well she goes home and she tells her sister about this guy. She then finds out that this guy is her sister's boyfriend. The following day she kills her sister. Why? Any guesses? This one is pretty messed up. The reason she killed her sister is not out of jealousy, but because she is positive that this man will show up to her sister's funeral. Messed up, right? The last and final question #3: You're robbing someone's house. The owner of the house comes home and walks right into the room you're in. You both make eye contact. That person just saw your face. You now have to kill this person. Before you can get to this person, he/she hides in the closet. How are you going to off this person? This one is not as exciting, but can give some insight as to how some people think. Are you ready? You can use any manner to kill this person, but you would like to prolong the process by pulling up a chair and enjoy watching that person skirm in horror as they think of what you are going to do to them. So here are the questions posed to my staff. Lucky us we only have one person answer 2 out of 3 correctly. Wooo...we're safe. :) Anyways, happy new year. I hope to see you all soon and I hope you all found the questions entertaining.


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