Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Stuff this....

So I was having a discussion with my staff the other day and they uncovered a deep dark secret of mine; I have never had stuffing.....hmmm. It was shock and slight disgust all around. "What?! You've never had stuffing?" they all chimed. "Well," I responded, "I'm chinese. My family barely even eat turkey let alone stuff one." Following that was an almost uncomfortable, but magical time of nostalgia from my staff that I'm not sure if I should censor. "Mmmmmm....stuffing made right is....oooooooh" "Ahhhh.....stuffing." "Yeah, pistachio...." I felt that I might have dodged a bullet on trying this thing called stuffing. It seemed like stuffing might be a cleverly disguised form of crack. They were all rubbing their hands together or their bellies. Euphoric bliss was hanging from the slight upturned corners of their lips and their eyes were hooded and rolled back as if replaying each bite they had ever taken of stuffing. They all say I need to try it. I'm leaning towards caving in to peer pressure. In fact, they all did make me feel hungry. I'm thinking of making this crack during the December holidays, but there are so many different ways that people prefer their stuffing. What do you all think? What is your favorite stuffing of all time? Well, that is all I have to recount since the last posting. I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sippin' on gin and juice....maybe just juice.

So we've started happy hour 3pm-6pm. We would love to offer you all some hard liquor after a hard day, but unfortunately all we have is some hella good beer and some hella tasty wine. With a purchase of an alcoholic beverage from each person in your party all small plates will be 1/2 off excluding spicy mac. We also have some yummy port fo $4 a pour and $12 pitchers of beer. Just to refresh your memory we have Mac and Jack, Roger's Pilsner, Manny's, and IPA from Fremont Brewing. Our seasonal beer is the Powder Hound, winter ale from Missoula, Mountana. Yummers! Come join us! Kick back and relax.


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