Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What?! Am I back?!

Hey guys, sorry for the M.I.A. act. To be honest, I have been weighing the pros and cons of staying up and writing an entry into my blog or sleep. Precious, precious, oh soooo sweet sleep. Needless to say, I didn't contemplate too hard and chose sleep. Don't take it the wrong way. It's just a full 7 hours of sleep is hard to come by and when I get the chance I take it. My bed and I are like new lovers wanting to spend each available moment with each other. Don't worry, nothing weird is happening between us. That would be odd and I don't think it will work out. But I'm glad that John, one of my minion, has pushed me to write again. He is such a sweet heart. You should come by and harass him. He loves that. Anyways, since the last post we have added a few items to the menu. You should all come by and try the carbonara, courtesy of John, the Cheeky burger (meaty goodness with a Japanese flair), and now we potentially have a wonderful, juicy and flavorful Kalua pork sandwich with mango salsa. Every week we do a wonderful special. This week we are having fried chicken wings with cranberry hoisin barbecue sauce. Mmmmmm Also, before I forget, we are starting happy hour next month. If you're super cute, come by an flirt with us. We REALLY do not mind that. Almost all of us are single and work too much to go out and party, so why don't you bring the scene to us. As for what is going on in the restaurant, we have been A okay. We still have fantastic customers. We all have a great time together. I learned what a Dutch Oven is and our chef is off on a spiritual voyage for two weeks. You'll have to deal with me in the kitchen for a couple weeks. Hehehehe. Also, our sweet little Chelsey will be heading back to Illinois soon, so you all should come by and say bye. She will be missed. She is one of a kind. Okay, this will be where I'll end this post. I hope everyone is doing fantastic. Don't be a stranger. *cheesy wink and snazzy smile*


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