Monday, July 26, 2010


Woahohoho...I am back. It has been some craziness going on at the restaurant. Since the black out we had a fire drill, of course due to no fault of the restaurant, but we did get to see some firemen. Mmmm....firemen. I should have pretended that I had been afflicted by some injury and needed to be carried out of the building even though there was no danger of a fire. :p Anyways, we have also opened for lunch and now we are officially opened for brunch. The last week was totally kicking my ass. When I originally said that opening a restaurant would kill my social life I didn't think it would involve grocery shopping at 8am and then getting to bed at 1am. Please come visit me and engage me in a conversation on the outside world! What is going on out there? Oh...before I forget, we will have ox tail soup available on Wednesday. So if ox tail is your comfort food come on by. Okay, I'm off to enjoy the rest of my only day off. Remember to let me know if there is any comfort food out there you want me to try out. So far ox tail was requested by Thurston and George. My next two requests are for chicken fried steak and adobo. See you all later. Please excuse my language and grammar. Take care!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Black out

So, we are officially open for our second week. So far we've had some fantastic people come in and they were very helpful with their feedback. Since then we have altered our menu and some of our recipes. Today was a very exciting day. Though it was not great for my pocket book it was one of my first experience. We had a black out! Woo! I felt so bad for the people that came in and my poor crew were standing around while the restaurant started getting warmer. I really don't know what happened, but hopefully now that I've experienced this odd event it won't happen again. So now I can check off black out on my "things to experience as an owner" list next is: money falling from the sky. I think that would be beneficial to everyone don't you? A little money rain wouldn't hurt. Maybe I'd like to exclude coins. I saw what happened to Lenny on the Simpsons. A piece of coin stuck in the noggin is not very attractive or sanitary. Yuck, imagine where that coin could have been. Anyways, that is the update on what is going on so far. We are planning on opening for lunch next week. We'll have sandwiches, soup, pasta, and salads. Maybe there will be some ox tail soup. Mmmmmm...ox tail. So, hopefully I'll see you all there. I'll be the short stack with heavy bags under my eyes. You know....the attractive sort :p Okay, you guys take care. Thanks for reading.


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