Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Be our guest. Be our guest. Put our service to the test. Doot doot doot ....

So, we had our first day as a real restaurant. I should really be sleeping right now, but I thought I'd update a post before bed. I really appreciated everyone that came out to see us. We are still a little chaotic so please forgive us for being so green. It was actually a pretty good day thanks to you. Man you guys pulled through and gave us a pretty busy night. I think I made my 10,000 step for the day. Pretty soon I'd have a banging body because of you guys. It would be nice to experience that at least once in my life time. Anyways, the kitchen and the servers did a pretty good job considering that we're all new to this except for one or two people. They all deserve a virtual high five. If we were a sports team, I'd be patting them on the back end. Considering that I'm not athletic enough to join any team I'm sure I'd just be sued for harrassment or some kind of abuse. Anyways, I better head to bed before any more of my weird thoughts surface onto the internet. Okay, guys, sweet dreams! Remember to come visit us or I might become all Freddie Kruger and seek you out in your sleep. Don't worry. I would not be all violent like that facially awkward guy and slice your ear off, but I'll just be super annoying and talk your ear off. Okay, I'm gone for real now. Take care until next time. I'm so tired I'm not even sure I'm actually typing real words.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Woohooo! The fire marshal finally passed us! There is no need for anyone to fear a fiery death in our bathrooms anymore. Our bathrooms are not just safe to urinate and do number two, or three if that is what you prefer, but you are now soundly protected by a flashing fire alarm and sprinkler system. I would say that my bathrooms are pretty state of the art. Who can say their bathroom can protect them from wetting their pants and a fire at the same time while looking fabulous? I don't think many people. Anyways, with one more inspection to go, we are on our way to opening up to the public. I appreciate that you guys are following along with my sometimes inane postings. I look forward to actually meeting you all really soon.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Come sneak a peek beneath my concrete robe

So I posted some pictures of the interior of the restaurant on Facebook. Just click on the title of this post and it should take you straight to the pics. The inside of my baby is coming together pretty nice. We've had quite a few inspections already and we're just chugging along as best we can. Who would have thought that there are so many inspections. There is plumbing inspection, there is mechanical inspection, there is electrical inspection, there is a health inspection, there is a fire alarm inspection, and I can go on and write a book about just the list of inspectors coming in to make sure we're not a hazard to you or something like that. :) I wonder what kind of person would purchase such a book. I think I would call the book, "Inspect This: Restaurant Addition". On the bright side we're almost done. Then we can go on to start training our staff and having people come in and trying our food. I have to be honest; I am freakin' terrified. If I am not so concerned with hygiene and maybe ruining a good pair of underwear, I would probably crap my pants and make a run for it. But I've been mentally slapping myself and telling me to hold it together; there is no turning back. It is do or die time. I'm recently having dreams where I actually have lots of customers and I'm feeling good about myself, then I realize that I don't know how to work my point of sales program and the nicey nicey feeling spirals into horrifying feelings of complete dread and shame. I know shame sounds dramatic, but come on, how can I not work the POS? I'm not trying to be cocky or anything, but I'm pretty sure I'm smart enough to learn that machine. Why is it dream beating me?! Another time I had a dream I had TMJ or something. I couldn't open my mouth to respond or speak. Hmmm...maybe that wasn't brought on the restaurant. Maybe I have a deep seeded fear of not being able to run my mouth. Oh well, anyways, enjoy the little peek-a-boo show headlining my baby. Update again real soon!


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