Thursday, May 20, 2010

Who's the man?!

So, my sister and I met the Deputy Mayor today along with his posse, other local business owners, and community activists. They were all pretty cool! I use to imagine politicians and community activists as being something that I wouldn't touch with a 20 feet pole. "Who wanted to get involved with them?" I would ask, "I'm not crazy and I like to shave my legs and pits. " But meeting the Deputy Mayor and all the people surrounding him I found them pretty decent and they all had a sense of humor. I know. What a shock, right? They were all very nice and no one was wearing plaid, birkenstocks, or a monicle (don't ask). They all had the community's best interest in mind and that is wonderful. They all seem so passionate about the changes going on in the CD and that makes me proud to be a part of it. We not only met the Deputy Mayor, but we were able to meet city planners, and the owner of the soon to be Japanese sweets shop. I'm so excited for that. He said he trained for 5 years to make these sweets and that he's hoping to open in June/July. He promised me some samples. I can't wait!

On another note, we also got all the equipment into the kitchen and hung wallpaper in the bathroom. Don't worry, we chose something tasteful. In fact, you might like it so much you may stay in there a little longer just to examine the pretty walls. We just wanted to give you something to do while you sit on the john. Who just wants to sit on the toilet and do their business when they can distract themselves with wallpaper? Oohh...maybe you guys might get all "Yellow Wall Paper" on me. Well...maybe not go insane with depression and stuff, but exhilarated with the sophistication. (Please do not shred my wall paper). Anyways, I got carried away. Just wanted to let you guys know that we are making some progress. Okay, check with you all later.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Keep wine-ing

So we met with our wine guy today. We decided to go with Washington State wines. So when you do come in to have a nice glass of "grape juice" don't just contemplate on the bouquet, the body, or the acidity, but how great it is that we are lucky enough to have great wines produced right here in Washington State. Not only are you getting a good buzz, but you're doing so while supporting the wineries in your state. I would say that is a win win situation. Now we are on a mission to get some local brews. Anyone have any suggestions? Do you all have a favorite micro-brew? We're not excepting brews you make in your basement at the the moment, but would appreciate if you let us in on some awesome beers you like to knock back every now and then. We were told that Laughing Buddha is fantastic. To let you all in on a secret, I'm quite the light weight. So if you're looking for a cheap date, I'm your gal. Anyways, any suggestions you have are appreciated. Thanks for joining me today. Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I show you my face you show me yours

Hey everyone! We're planning on hosting a job fair tomorrow May 13, 2010 10am-7pm. Come by and see us. We'd be glad to answer any questions you have or just simply say hi to you if you're in the neighborhood. I promise that we're overall pretty nice people. There are certain times of the month that can be kind of rough, but you know how it is. Mother nature is such a kidder; she's definitely not funny, but she loves her practical jokes. Anyways, just to let you all know that we're hiring for back of the house and front of the house. If you know anyone that you'd die for and is dependable, please send them our way. We'll be in the empty retail spot 1706 South Jackson Street waiting to see all your lovely faces. See you then!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Flashing you a sign

Hey Everyone! If you haven't noticed while driving up and down Jackson, our signs are up! Yay! Aren't they beautiful? The big one over the front door lights up! Fancy! It's to help those of us that have trouble seeing in the dark. My night vision isn't as good as it use to be. On another note, we are also hosting a job fair this Tuesday, May 11th, 10AM-8PM. Stop by and see us. Bring your snappy self and your resume. What's cool is there is a lab going in up the street from us that work with all sorts of bodily fluids. Urine samples from every! Yes! Just joking, but we are a drug free establishment so please no shooting up, snorting, or dealing of any kind in or near the restaurant. Not to add to a stereo type about Asians, but a few of us practiced martial arts so trouble makers beware. If I can break through wooden boards....I can most likely put another crack in your butt. Okay, this is all for now. Check back with you all soon.


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