Monday, April 26, 2010

Where in the world?

Hi everyone! I know I said I'd update for this little game that has been set up, but as you can see....oops! Anyways, for those who are actually interested in still playing, I've decided to just post our full pictures instead of slowly adding bits and pieces of our faces. Look at our mugs! Look at it! I know initially I was trying to be all mysterious and stuff, but I guess I'm not very good at it. I'm more on the mischievous side. Some might call me evil, but anyhoo, you'll most likely find me playing pranks more than a seductress. Anyways, I do hope you guys will play the game. It will be plenty of fun. Along with this post, we have some pictures up on our facebook page (!/pages/Seattle-WA/Cheeky-Cafe/106181279403604?ref=ts )
of what we've been testing out for our menu. Well, I hope ya'll are doing fantastic and I look forward to meeting you. 'Til next time!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cheeky-mon!!! Gotta catch 'em all! Gotta catch 'em all!

Hey, I hope you are all doing well. This post is to introduce to you the crew of Cheeky Cafe, but of course instead of just introducing them to you, this will be a grand old game. In the spirit of the month of April, this game will be somewhat like an egg hunt, except there will be no eggs or candy and the game will be more like "Where's Waldo".

Anyhoo, so how this game will work is that each week we will post pictures of our crew. We will start with just the eyes today. Then the pictures will progressively show more features of their faces as the weeks roll by. When you think you have spotted one of us, you will politely ask that person if he or she is with Cheeky Cafe. If they give a positive answer then please proceed to take a picture with that person. If that person is not who you thought they were, but if they are hot, maybe...I don't might want to get their number, but please be kind and courteous if they refuse. In no way should anyone threaten or harass another person. No stalking allowed! So, as I was saying, you'll be Cheeky-mon trainers on a quest to collect 'em all and become a Cheeky-mon Master. Once you have collected the pictures of all five members post them to our facebook page
You have until the last day of April to submit your pictures. I hope you will play this game with us. This will be a great way for us to get to know you and this will also keep us on our toes. For the first five people to complete the game they will receive a free entree as a thank you for humoring us. We look forward to meeting you all. You know what would be even cooler is if you see us on the street and call out, "I choose you!" But we won't make you do that. We just thought it would be cool. Anyways, here are the first batch of pictures along with each person's stats. Thank you for reading. Take care!

Name: AE86 aka Brian

Gender: Male

Place of Birth: Seattle, WA
Secret Powers: Taming of wild children, giant sense of humor, and blackhole for a stomach.

Weaknesses: Need for speed, candy, and cars.

AE86 is gentle in nature, has a love for cars, and is always hard working. He indulges in Spongebob collecting and anything car related. Initial D is one of his most loved racing cartoon of all time.

Name: Biga-mon aka In

Gender: Female

Place of Birth: Korea

Secret Power: Sexy Korean Accent and magic fingers.

Weaknesses: Great Bread and Knowledgeable men.

Biga-mon moved from Korea to the American South and there she spent her teenage years. When she moved to Seattle she developed a deep love and understanding for bread. She worships the yeasty goodness that is bread.

Name: Maneki Neko aka Kiyomi

Gender: Female

Place of Birth: Seattle, WA

Secret Powers: Extreme Silence, Come-Hither Eyes, and a Liver of Steel

Weaknesses: Wearing high heeled shoes, baby animals, and pasta.

Maneki Neko is the strong silent type who can hold her liquor. Her household language is Japanese. Her passion is food and her frienemy is pasta. She has a strong liking for boys who cannot be picked up by the wind.

Name: OL aka May

Gender: Female

Place of Birth: Seattle, WA

Secret Power: Talent of persuasion and Eyebrows
Weaknesses: Chocolate, grape soda, and CSI

OL is a rare finding, but when you do find the elusive OL she would most likely be in company of little OL's. Friendly by nature, she takes little offense to many things except rudeness and inconsideration. By completing one or both of those offenses, you may be in for a world of tongue lashing.

Name: Overseer aka Wendy

Gender: Female

Place of Birth: Seattle, WA

Secret Powers: Uncanny Ability to Intimidate Men,

Weaknesses: Dogs, Cookies, and Noodles.

Overseer, the most lethal of all the Cheeky-mon. She attacks unrelentingly with her opinions and kills with her accurate blow to ones ego. Though usually very chatty and smiley, her pet peev is when one tries too hard to be cool.


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