Sunday, March 21, 2010

Popping the Blog Cherry

So, I have finally stepped into the blog world popping my blog cherry and it didn't hurt. Who would have guessed. On the recommendation of Nicole, the owner of Immortal Dog, she suggested that I put together a blog for those who are curious as to what is happenning to the spot on the corner of 17th and South Jackson in Seattle. So here we are. First, before I continue, I would like to express my deepiest apologies to those that might be offended by my sense of humor and language. I have been told that I can be a bit over the top and surprisingly hilarious yet shocking at the same time. So, I apologize if I do offend, please do not think bad of me or my coming business.

Speaking of business, you might already be aware that Cheeky Cafe is going in soon at 1700 South Jackson in Seattle. Cheeky is a family owned establishment and is going to be runned by tiny asian people. Oooh! At the moment we are gearing up to serve breakfast and lunch. We plan to eventually open for dinner, so wait for that to come. Our construction crew is working hard putting up walls, wiring the electricity, and putting together the plumbing. We are also working very closely with our interior designer and graphic artists (some very cool people from Henderson Kelly and National Signs) to put together a comfortable and visually appealing setting for you all to plant your patootie and get some nice grub. It's exciting, isn't it? It's like putting together the person of your dreams who is only there to look pretty, make you money, and not complain. :) Joking aside, I do hope that you all will come by when we're open and support us. And I do hope that we will not just meet your expectations, but exceed them. Thank you for taking the time to read this and take care until the next post. Feel free to check us out on Facebook and view some of the pictures.

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