Friday, March 26, 2010

New directions--Bi-curious?

So, if you have already checked out Cheeky Cafe on Facebook, you now know that we've changed our venue to dinner instead. I know, why are we doing this to ourselves? Are we masochists? Maybe. But, realistically, when will you all have time to come see us? Not unless you have a stalker tendency, you'll most likely have time to sit back and enjoy a meal with us when you are done with work and ready to just let down your hair, kick off your shoes, and enjoy the company of others outside your bread box cubicles. That is the reason why we have done this. We have not done away with the idea of doing breakfast, but it's just now put on the back burners. So here is the real question you must have for us, "What are you doing for dinner?" Well, my friends, we've contemplated and gave it much thought. What are we good at making? Why are we good at making it? How did we come to know it? What is it we are trying to share with you when we cook? The answer? We want you to experience our home. What does that mean? We want you to feel, taste, and enjoy the different flavors and textures that we have been delighted by since our childhood growing up in America. We want you to experience, oddly enough, the luxury of eating bi-culturally.

What spurred this crazy thought for a menu? My grandmother. You'll find her in the picture I've added to this post. She's the hottie to the far right. Let me tell you that this lady can drive me nuts, I mean I would want to pitch her out a window sometimes, but I love her to death all the same. You know how it goes. You may see her sometimes in Chinatown exercising; she's the 4'8" tall lady pretending she has a hula hoop around her waist. I joke about her a lot, but she is one tough cookie. I would not have survived through all the horror and hardship she had been dealt and raising five children by herself. Anyways, she's getting on in her age and she's starting to slow down a bit, but she still manages to make her signature dishes from her Chinatown apartment and bring them home for her grandkids and great grandkids to enjoy. Then one day a fear and an immense sadness struck me. One day all this will just be a memory. And what if her great grandkids forget her and all the things about her? What if they forget about the anticipation and excitement they felt whenever they know that Great Grandmother has made special dumplings for them? So, then I was on a quest to learn it all and to help keep some things of my grandmother from fading. And with that I decided that I shouldn't be selfish and keep these mouth orgasms to myself, but share them. Let people enjoy something they wouldn't be able to get anywhere else except if they had a grandmother like mine. Sharing the idea with the Cheeky crew, I was lucky enough to find that they were on board with this idea and that they had recipes that their grandmother or mother had shared with them too. That's when our menu took shape. We wanted to share with the public how it was like for us to be eating "American" . With my ethnic background being Chinese, our lovely Kitchen crew being Korean, Japanese, and Chinese, we have collected quite an exciting meld of "American" food.
Now that we are compiling our new menu we would like to hear from you. We are interested in what you ate growing up? Any fond memories associated with a certain dish? Any recipes your grandparents left behind that you feel should be shared with the world? If you do, would you mind if we try these recipes out? If we could, we would like to put them on the menu with your permission. We want this menu to not just be a reflection of our history, but your's as well. Okay, I feel this is long enough. Thank you all for hanging on till the end of this post. I look forward to seeing what memories and recipes you have to share. For those who want, they can leave their stories and recipes on our discussion board on Facebook. Just click on the title of this blog and it will take you to our Facebook page. Take care and check you all soon!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Popping the Blog Cherry

So, I have finally stepped into the blog world popping my blog cherry and it didn't hurt. Who would have guessed. On the recommendation of Nicole, the owner of Immortal Dog, she suggested that I put together a blog for those who are curious as to what is happenning to the spot on the corner of 17th and South Jackson in Seattle. So here we are. First, before I continue, I would like to express my deepiest apologies to those that might be offended by my sense of humor and language. I have been told that I can be a bit over the top and surprisingly hilarious yet shocking at the same time. So, I apologize if I do offend, please do not think bad of me or my coming business.

Speaking of business, you might already be aware that Cheeky Cafe is going in soon at 1700 South Jackson in Seattle. Cheeky is a family owned establishment and is going to be runned by tiny asian people. Oooh! At the moment we are gearing up to serve breakfast and lunch. We plan to eventually open for dinner, so wait for that to come. Our construction crew is working hard putting up walls, wiring the electricity, and putting together the plumbing. We are also working very closely with our interior designer and graphic artists (some very cool people from Henderson Kelly and National Signs) to put together a comfortable and visually appealing setting for you all to plant your patootie and get some nice grub. It's exciting, isn't it? It's like putting together the person of your dreams who is only there to look pretty, make you money, and not complain. :) Joking aside, I do hope that you all will come by when we're open and support us. And I do hope that we will not just meet your expectations, but exceed them. Thank you for taking the time to read this and take care until the next post. Feel free to check us out on Facebook and view some of the pictures.


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